Our partner enterprise, the HEMA GmbH with the managing director Klaus Jürgen Herrmann, has its seat in small-Schierstedt. The place is 5 km from Aschersleben away in the middle of the heart in the cultivation area of the Thüringer Majorans.

With the HEMA GmbH we closed a contract, which contains the common cultivation of Thüringer Majoran, mustard grains and peas in the year 2002. As a member of the association Saluplanta, the owner cultivate the Thüringer Majoran in the name of it. Mr. Klaus Jürgen Herrmann do the cultivation with his wife. From the sowing of the Thüringer Majoran over the care of the fields and harvesting the Thüringer Majoran, storing and the Rebeln up to sagging the finished product the HEMA with very large care and conscientiousness operates the cultivation and the harvest. By incessant commitment and again and again new investments in technology and knowledge is he able to manufacture larger quantities of Thüringer Majoran.

The exclusive right to distribute of the entire cultivation of the HEMA GmbH of the article Thüringer Majoran is noticed by the company Rätzel GmbH.

As the further large step to the constant quality the HEMA GmbH insisted IFS certifying in the year 2006 on higher level. It is the first company, which achieved this highest level internationally of the Food standard from the cultivation up to the processing. In the GENA GmbH, with seat in Pulspforde, the Thüringer Majoran is packaged as desired in each bundle, as it wished by customers.


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