Good-tasting prescriptions from our products
Tongue in Madeirasauce

1 calf or cattle tongue of Rätzel • 1.5 l Brühe (home-made with allium, bulb, carrot, pepper grains, laurel leaf, salt, possibly a piece of Sellerieknolle planed and olive oil and Balsamico vinegar to the top

The tongue in the Brühe have to cook (calf needs about 1.5 hr., cattle one hour more). Then replace the skin and put the tongue back into the Brühe. Do not cooking anymore!

From 1 EL butter, 1 small bulb, 2 EL flour one flour-sweats manufactures. Put in some salt and pepper in addition with approximately 1/2 to 3/4 l Brühe of the tongue. A splash to lemon juice into it. Let it cook. Then give 100 ml larva Irish Republican Army taste and to 100 ml cream in addition.

Press trough a filter and serve it separately to the tongue.

Scarfed Cattlefilet with Rucola, Parmesan and oyster mushrooms
300-400 g of oyster mushrooms • 6 EL olive oil • salt, pepper • 200 ml Balsamico vinegar • 2-3 EL sugars • 500-600 g very thinly cut open Rinderfilet of Parmesan planed of Rätzel • 150 g Rucola • 80-100 g

The oyster mushrooms deseam. 2 spoon olive oil in a pan heat up, mushrooms therein approximately sharply roast, with salt and pepper pepper and put it in a warmly place. Balsamico vinegar with 1 spoon sugar on half in-cook. Remaining olive oil with the Balsamico reduction mix. 2 Esslöffel Balsamico reduction on a large plate drop by drop distribute.Put the cattlefilet on the plate. The meat with salt and pepper pepper and with some sugar cover. The surface with a Bunsen burner scarf or alternatively the plate 1 to 2 minutes under the baking-oven grill place. Oyster mushrooms, Rucola and Parmesanspäne on it distribute and with the remaining Balsamico reduction on the top.

Roastbeef with green beans, Croûtons and Parmesan
1 multicolored herb mixture, e.g. Thymian, Rosmarin, parsley, Kerbel, Estragon • approx. 140 g soft butter • approx. 100 g Paniermehl • 1 kg completely pariertes, flat Roastbeef • salt, pepper • 2 EL olive oil • 60 g Parmesan, finely planed • olive oil and Balsamico vinegar to the top

The baking-oven on 180 °C (circulating air 160 °C, gas stage 3) preheat. For the crust the herbs wash, dry finely and cut. The butter break open and with the herbs mix. Put rollflour to it and mix, with salt and pepper pepper. The meat drying-dab and from both sides salt and pepper. Olive oil in a furnace-firm pan strongly heat up, the meat from all sides sharply roasted, afterwards give the herb mass coat for 25 minutes with the pan into the furnace. Then, leave in aluminum foil in windings and approx. 10 minutes take the meat from the furnace to rest.

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